8 Tips For Leading Amazing Meetings

Unnecessary and unproductive meetings can be a real momentum killer. You and I have traded countless hours of our time for meetings that went nowhere.  Have you ever walked away from a meeting wondering why you bothered to show up? Even worse, have you ever conducted a meeting you wouldn’t want to attend? I have.

Become Great At Leading Meetings

If you want to spread influence and gain buy-in, you must improve your meeting skills. Whether conducting a quick impromptu meeting or a mission critical leadership meeting, I’ll give you 8 tips will produce great results every time.

1 Key Mistake An Effective Church Leader Learns To Avoid

How To Align Leaders and Managers

Blurring the roles of leadership and management can bring about noticeable consequences.  When leadership looks like management and managers fill the role of leaders, organizational strengths are short-circuited and gaining “buy-in” among the members feels heavy. However, when the roles align correctly it can be catalytic and usher in groundswells of growth.

Aligning Your Church Leader

Church leaders who know how to properly align leaders and managers can avoid downturns in participation and membership. Knowing your role and recognizing the roles others should be filling can make immediate positive impacts for your church. Let’s take a quick quiz to see which role you should be filling.

6 Things Pastors Wish They Were Taught in Seminary

Finding pastors who feel they received adequate administrative and leadership training from their seminary can be a challenge.

Pastors Seeking Training

The amount of time spent cultivating Sunday’s sermon pales in comparison to the time spent in other areas of daily church functions.  The administrative tasks, personnel issues, meetings, and program design seems to always win out. Does this sound like your situation?

Your Virtual Church Coach

So glad you chose to stop and spend a few minutes with me. After working with and talking with many pastors and Christian leaders, I felt it was time to launch my Virtual Church Coaching resource.  This is what they were saying, do you agree?

  • My seminary training never touched on basic leadership skills.
  • My pastoral training didn’t equip me to deal with people or groups wanting to control me and/or the church
  • Much of my daily work requires basic business skills. I’ve had little or no training in that area.
  • How do I balance my personal life and the never ending need for me to be omnipresent?
  • My education offered very little administrative training, but I’m expected to handle personnel issues, resolve conflict, hire and fire, develop inspiring vision, build strategic plans, organize teams, built communication channels, hit home runs with every program and project – all while delivering inspired sermons several times per week.
  • I wish my training included how to deal with aggressive people, lazy people, apathy, passive aggressive people, etc.

If you’ve felt this way, you are in the right place.  Stay with me and allow me to be your virtual church coach. Together, we can improve your leadership skills, administrative skills, and relationships.